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Appignano Historical wine cellar of Villa Forano

According to written documents of the 1700s, the villa was built on what was a hunting lodge. The farm area is located next to the villa with its storehouses and granary and below ground level, the historical wine cellar. In the rooms once used to dry tobacco leaves, two vaulted spaces were created for producing and selling wine. The old wine barrel storage is still being used today for the vinification and aging process of red wines. This perfect combination of tradition and technology aims to maintain high quality standards and preserve the authenticity of the products. From the wine cellar, through narrow tunnels and niches, an ancient passageway runs underneath the property. Today, the underground grotto is used for preserving the most valuable provisions and for periodically hosting shows and events. Vineyards have been planted all over the surrounding area, in a radial pattern on the south-facing hills, with spacing and density resulting in a tangible qualitative expression of the territory.

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