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Castelraimondo Church of Saint Blaise

The date of construction of the church is not certain; it was built on the pre-existing fortified castle called Raimondo incorporating, inside, part of the towers. The first document that in which we find the presence of the Church in the Castro Raymundi dates back to 1330; the second dates back to the Pastoral Visit of the Archbishop Giovanni Severini Giovannini in 1603. The church was enlarged after enduring severe damage following the earthquake in 1799, and the main façade with pilasters, stringcourses, and gable. After the disastrous fire of 1906 it was necessary to reconstruct almost completely the bearing structures and the inside ornamentation and provide to the variation of the altars, deprived of the original works of art. The church of Saint Blaise has a single nave with three altars in niches on the sides and a semicircular apse. The ceiling is a full scale vaulted canopy with windowed lunettes. The sacristy is reached from the chamber on the right side, towards east and then the campanile. 14th century

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