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Potenza Picena Church and Convent of Saint Augustine

The date of reconstruction of the St. Augustine Complex, particularly the church, is uncertain. The current refurbishment is generally believed to have taken place around mid-17th century. Today, the church and the sacristy have been salvaged and accommodate the “Ferdinando Scarfiotti” Cultural Centre. Inside, one can admire some valuable works of the Pomarancio School and of Bernardino di Mariotto (1506); in particular, the “Madonna and Child between Saint Anthony of Padova and Francis and the angel musicians.” The organ of Master Giovanni Fedeli of Rocchetta di Camerino is a particularly valuable and important instrument (1757). It is located in the centre of the apse area, under a large painting by Pesaro artist, Pietro Tedeschi, portraying Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross.