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Montelupone Collegiate Church

It was supported by the “College of Priests”, hence the same name and was built in 1735 upon the wishes of the parish priest Francesco Saverio Celsi and carried out by Master Arcangelo Cola of Montegranaro. In late Baroque style, the church presents one nave with four lateral chapels. One’s attention is quickly drawn to the grand apsidal decoration by Vincenzo Monti in 1945 which was inspired by the fourth chapter of Revelations. Several works enhance the interior, such as The Virgin, Saint John and Mary Magdalene at the feet of the Cross and the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple which are inside the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, by Cesare Peruzzi between 1934 and 1941. Also, the Madonna on the throne with Child and the Apostles Peter and Paul by Antonio da Faenza in 1516. Many art works and ornaments come from other churches in the Montelupone area such as Our Lady of Mount Carmel between Saint Ignatius and Saint Charles Borromeo by Francesco Mancini in 1712 and Saint Michael the Archangel by Filippo Ricci in 1789, both coming from the Church of the Crucifixion, now destroyed. 1735

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