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Montefano Collegiate Church of S. Donatus

The current Collegiate Church of Saint Donatus dating back to 1768 (news of a first Church goes back to 1308), is in late baroque style. Inside are the burials of the Ecclesiastics, of the Carradoni counts, the Consalvi marquises, the members of the suppressed Confraternity of Saint Benvenuto and of the Consoli family. On the sides of the only nave are four chapels, in the first on the left we can admire the painting “The Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel” (1550-1595). The monumental altarpiece “The Assumption of the Virgin” dominates the wooden choir (seating) from above. At her feet are the Saints: Donatus (Patron Saint of Montefano) and Saint Luis Gonzaga. The author is the painter Philippus de' Comitibus (1708). On the altar below we notice a wooden crucifix from the 16th century and an urn with the relics of some holy martyrs. The remains of Saint Seberio martyr are kept in a sarcophagus in the chapel of the HOLY SACRAMENT. Of great historical value is the old organ, placed on the lovely Cantoria, the craftmade choir built in 1722 by Giuseppe Fedeli of Rocchetta.

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