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Castelraimondo Crispiero

Crispiero (m. 610 a.s.l.)
Of Roman origin, the settlement has undergone transformations and it is possible that the location was moved. There are references on Sinibaldo Fieschi’s diploma, dated 1240, to the fortified nucleus of the castle and the Crispiero Turrets, which used to be called Rocca di Fanula or Castello di Guardia at the time. In the hamlet’s inventory dated 1502 Crispiero appears as a castle in the quarter of Sossanto, surrounded by walls and towers, with a residing lord. This hamlet is the birthplace of the geneticist Nazzareno Strampelli and the composer Ugo Bottacchiari. The traditional Festival of the chestnut takes place every year on the third Sunday in October.


Church of Santa Barbara
19th century, the Church is mentioned in a document dated 1171 as under the authority of Saint Zeno of Gagliole. It has been rebuilt several times over the centuries; the first parish and provostal church, located outside the castle, disappeared between the '700 and ‘800; the second, inside the walled circle collapsed with the earthquake of 1799 while the third, the current parish church, is the result of a recent nineteenth century building. Inside, we find 17-19-century canvases depicting a Madonna of the Rosary and Saints, the Martyrdom of Saint Barbara and Saint Anthony from Padua, a pipe-organ by Francesco Santilli da Caldarola dated 1843-44, a silver and gold plate astylar cross dated 1457.


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