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Montelupone Emiliani Building

This 18th century structure with cornice previously belonged to the Basvecchi family. Its historical value dates back to June of 1817 when one of the first meetings of the carbonari (coalmongers) was held, a significant episode in the Italian Unification movement which is commemorated with a memorial stone on the façade. Also, some French troops stayed here on 17 September 1860 before the defeat of Castelfidardo. Inside there is a cycle of paintings portraying the Four Seasons of 1906 by the painter Biagio Biagetti from Porto Recanati (1877-1948) who also painted the Slavic Chapel and the Chapel of the Crucifixion in the Basilica of Loreto. A prominent personality, in 1921, he was nominated Director of the Vatican Art Museum and in the same year he established the Restoration Laboratory of the Vatican, overseeing the restoration of the Raphael Rooms and the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Inside the Art Museum, there is a preparatory drawing for a Way of the Cross depicting Jesus Pierced by Nails which the artist painted for the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Via Flaminia in Rome.

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