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Montelupone Galantara Building

A noble 18th century building and ancient home of the Galantara family originally from Fano. Here, Gabriele Galantara was born on 10 October 1865. Ratalanga, his pseudonym, was a caricaturist, a journalist and a painter. In 1892 in Rome, together with Guido Podrecca, he founded the “Asino” (Donkey), a famous satirical weekly that was widely read and which denounced the scandals of the time. Because of his position against the fascist dictatorship, in 1925, he was forced to suspend publications and so he began collaborating with other magazines, such as the “Becco Giallo” (yellow beak), an important satirical anti-fascist magazine of the 20’s and 30’s and also the humour newspaper, “Marco Aurelio.” Galantara died in Rome in 1937. The building was given over to the Town Hall which used some of it for council housing except for one room which was utilized as a Youth Cultural Centre. During the 70’s, the centre gave life to a periodical called “Giovani 70” (Youth 70) and important initiatives such as an evening school for workers without a diploma. Unfortunately, after damage to the building from landslide movement, the Centre was closed.

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