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Treia Gardens of Saint Marco

At the extreme area of the village, in the south, there are the public gardens of Treia, that the citizens call “Gardens of Saint Marco”. Being on top of the high fortress of Onglavina castle, they represent a real balcony of  the Marches from where it is possible to appreciate a view from the blue sea of Monte Conero to Sibillini. On the right glimpse the hills in which erect the ruins of ancient castles of Pitino and Roccaccia.

A grassy and flowering open space and a compelling view: this is Saint Marco, “…la prua del paese” as Dolores Prato has defined it in her masterpiece “Giù la piazza non c’è nessuno”.


“Quello che in una nave è il castello di prora, lì era San Marco. Fa da spartiacque la punta del castello di prora, era uno spartispazio la punta di quel paese”.

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