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Castelraimondo "Maria Sofia Giustiniani Bandini" Museum in the Castello di Lanciano

The testament of Gentile II da Varano dated January 28, 1350 mentions domos omnes et castellare et molendina Lanciani. A functional fortress was erected by Giovanni da Varano around 1382 as the stronghold of the "Intagliata", the continuous defensive line that protected the north front of Camerino from the Ottoni of Matelica and the Smeducci of San Severino. In 1489, after losing its military function, the building was converted by Giovanna Malatesta - daughter of Sigismondo Pandolfo of Rimini and wife of Giulio Cesare da Varano - into a noble residence, provided with farm with aviaries and fishponds. As a result of the devolution of the dukedom of Camerino the property went to the Voglia until 1621, to the Rosa until 1680, to the Rossetti until 1753, when Alessandro Bandini was invested with the title of marquis. Bandini restructured the estate entrusting the design to the architect from Camerino Giovanni Antinori (+1792), already famous in Lisbon and Rome, who worked mainly on the wonderful gallery decorated with large canvases with mythological subjects. The last member of the Family, Maria Sofia Giustiniati Bandini, widow of Count Manfredi Gravina, donated, by means of a testamentary deed in 1977, the ownership of the castle and farm to the pro tempore Archbishops of Camerino. Of the ancient construction the access door to the 15th century fortress are still legible with the 14th century tower next to the entrance, the porch with a remaining portion of the fresco depicting the rose symbol of the Malatesta family, a fresco with hunting scenes located on the ground floor. The complex, recently restored, was reopened to the public in 2005 and houses the museum "Maria Sofia Giustiniani Bandini", which are actually the works of art and precious furnishings collected by the family to live in the castle surrounded by every comfort.

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