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Treia Door Vallessacco

It was the scenery of the battle between Montecchiesi and Corrado d’Antiochia, nephew of Manfredi, of Sveva family, whom wanted to set scores with Papal States, throughout Montecchio. Corrado di Antiochia besieged Montecchio in November 1263; the people of Montecchio won him with astuteness. At Door of Vallesacco, some defenders of Cassero, the major fortress of the City, with a stratagem ( a fake surrender that attracted the prince over the door, which it closed behind him) made a sortie and they managed to get close to the furious Corrado. They caught him, with his barons.  Manfredi tried to liberate his nephew by brute force, but vainly. On the contrary, he succeeded with the ancient expedient of corruption, given that Corrado escaped with the help of the corrupted king: the Baglioni of Perugia.

The battle of Vallesacco has been represented on the curtain’s tarpaulin of city Theatre, by the Roman painter Silverio Capparoni, disciple of Podesti whom came from Ancona, in 1865.

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