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Montefano Rangoni Machiavelli Palace

This monumental building, which also includes a hotel and restaurant, takes its name from the Carradori noble family who built it and is still the owner with the last heiress Madame Edvige Rangoni Machiavelli. There is no certain news on its construction; it was probably built over two centuries. From a deed dated December 18, 1590, (notary Francesco Penna) it results that the Carradori traded their home in the town square with the property of a certain Francesco Basilici; it is probable that works on the building began only after this date. In 1860 the mansion was used for the polls to admit the Marca to the Kingdom of Victor Emanuel II. At the end of WWII it was used as headquarters by Polish soldiers, of which there is testimony with the discovery of war weapons and some grenades found during the restoration works.

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