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Castelraimondo The Cassero Tower

The Cassero Tower

Built between 1382 and 1385, at the behest of Giovanni Da Varano, it was part of a greater system of fortifications that included the walls of the Raimondo Castle and a high tower that is now incorporated in the bell tower of Saint Blaise’s Church. This system was connected to the Intagliata, a line of towers, moats, and ramparts built by Da Varano, from Pioraco to the Beregna Tower, in defence of Camerino. The Cassero includes a tower with a scarp base and a second and smaller tower, superimposed to the other. Both were provided with machicolation-based defence through the embrasures between the brackets and protected by ghibelline battlements. The structure, in brownstone, was restored in 1927, 1976 and after the earthquake in 1999.

The Fountain of the Lions

Fontana di mostra is the fountain in the main square in front of the Cassero, also known as dei Leoni because of four pleasant lions in cast iron, built in 1893 together with the local aqueduct. 19th century

The Town Hall

The Town Hall was built between 1867 and 1870, alongside the Cassero, in place of the ancient entrance door to the castle, demolished with large portions of the walls. The adjacent Railway Station was inaugurated in 1885 and was built on a landfill embankment that concealed the moats and western walls of the ancient castle.  19th century

Municipal Theatre 

The theatre was built in the Twenties inside the Town Hall, the U-shaped space, with balcony, is decorated with stuccoes, has a ceiling frescoed by “La Decorativa” in 1929 with an allegorical representation of the fascist government. Before being the Municipal Theatre it had been used, since 1871, as a ballroom. 19th century

National Museum of Folk Costume

Made thanks to the collaboration of the Fafit Scientific College and university professors in demo-ethno-anthropological studies in some rooms of the Town Hall. Inaugurated in 2009, it houses an exhibition of the costumes of folklore groups and historical parades and flag-wavers arriving from different regions of Italy.

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