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Recanati The castle of Montefiore

It rises in the Montefiore, about 10 km from the centre of Recanati. It was erected for defensive purposes in medieval age. The fortress is carachterized from long perimeter walls (m.176) and from formwork with the fixed bridge in masonry. In 1290 more or less began the fortification works of the castle. It was occupied several times: in 1354 by Fra Moriale, and the following year by Galeotto Malatesta, but without success. In 1429 was erected the tower, 40 meters high. In 1521 the castle suffered the occupation of Amadio Alberici but was organized with the pontifical help, a mighty siege and was defeated.
Over the course of the years, consolidated the city authority of Recanati and established the agreements with the neighboring countries, the Castle was losing his strategic importance and gradually abandoned. Between 700’ and 800’ the popolation in the area of Montefiore began to live inside the castle and close his walls. Near the beginning of 800’ Montefiore become by then a rural village. The architectural work was very damaged from the earthquake of 1741; recent works of renovation allowed to keep the Montefiore’s Castle intact monument witness of past ages.

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