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Recanati Theatre "Persiani"

Made by the count Monaldo Leopardi (father of Giacomo), designed by Tommaso Bandoni, it was inaugurated in 1840 and devoted to Giuseppe Persiani, Recanati’s musician. It was restored in 1870 and in 1923 and changes were made to gave rise to lyric performances.
The excellent acoustics of the theatre has allowed prestigious billboards. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Leopardi, in 1898, Pietro Mascagni conducted his “Poema Sinfonico”; Beniamino Gigli sang “Toscs” and “Bohème”.
It has 400 seats in a wide audience on horseshoe arch, three tiers plus the gallery.
The interior decoration is differented for every tiers and it is characterized in golden plaster. The “Sala dei Trenta” of the Persiani Theatre hosts the museum devoted to the tenor Beniamino Gigli. It offers an itinerary of discovery and listening of one of the lyric singers most loved in the world. We find the reconstruction of his dressing room and the realization of a small theater space where there are some blowups of the tenor immortalized during his most famous performances.
You can admire costumes, music sheet and documents about the 40 years career of the artist.

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