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Recanati The Church of San Vito

It’s nominated since 1228. It was parish of the castle of Mount Muzio dating back to the thousand. Stone remains find out at the basis of the building, attribute him an original Gothic style. It was restored at triple nave and elongated towards the end of 1400. It took the current shapes in 1647 designed by Pier Paolo Jacometti. The earthquake of 1741 ruined the front, that was rebuilt designed by Luigi Vanvitelli (in earthenware with dicromatiche spiral columns). It was parish until 1577. Jesuits came to constitute the boarding school in the edifice on the right of the church. When the Jesuits were suppressed, the church and the boarding school were given from Clemente XIV to the common.
It owns important paintings as “San Vito al Circo Massimo (1582) by Felice Damiano from Gubbio, and the table of Crucifixion by Giuseppe Valeriani (1580), the Holy Family and the Saints by Paolo di Matteis (1727). Part of the church is the Oratory of nobility , where the young Leopardi recited his “Ragionamenti sulla Passione”, and where there is a beautiful painting of Pomarancio “Presentation”. In the side of the superior altar there is the tomb of Nicola Bobadilla, great philosopher and preacher. The Church is devoted to Saint Vito, patron of Recanati’s city.

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